DECEMBER 22, 2010

You’re just driving along in life, and you think it can’t get any better or more spectacular, and it does. Since my last entry I have hiked in the Saguaro Forest near Tucson, and then spent an evening walking down 4th street and having dinner in Tucson. We then went to Bisbee  Camping. I love Bisbee, it is a crazy little artist town built up on an old copper mining town. The shops are unusual, you could spend days carefully going through them. We got up early Monday morning and went to Whitewater Draw to see the Sand Hill Cranes take off with the rising sun. There are 40,000. It was spectacular, unfortunately I did not have a telephoto lens. Our wonderful hostesess then took us on a hike at  Chiricahua National Monument, talk about spectacular, it was mind blowing! We then went to the ghost towns of Pierce, Gleason, and Cortland. We did a small amount of treasure hunting before ending at Rattlesnake crafts. Rattlesnake crafts is a quirky little place out in the middle of nowhere. The guy who runs it is a Rattlesnake wrangler, he uses the skins to make anything you can think of. His property is filled with stuff he has found and traded, all strung up on fences . It is quite an interesting desert museum. As it got closer to sunset we went back to Whitewater Draw to watch our friends, the Cranes, come back at the end of the day. It will be very difficult to ever top that day. The next day we went back to work and did some filming for the project at the camp ground. This morning we took care of some business and drove back to green valley via Sierra Vista.(I needed an oil change)  If any of you read J.Jance, you will know that these towns are the same locations that the Johanna  Brady  mysteries take place in. It was fun driving on the Double Adobe Road, and seeing the High Lonesome Road. The views on the way home were beautiful. In a two hour drive you can see five different kinds of landscape.

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