DECEMBER 18 2010

I know I have said this several times, and yet I must say it again. This project was about teaching hand-skills in lieu of technology. Ironically my computer skills are improving in leaps and bounds.I am writing my blog on my phone.
Jenn has come with me to have a drive-about as we write articles, edit pictures, and prepare for Kickstart. After the Petrified Forest National Park, we stayed in an RV Park in Gallop. We left the next day for Flagstaff. Our dream had been to go to Roden Crater, but we woke up in the first snow of the season and could not get there. We headed down to Sedona and really got caught in more snow. It was a white knuckle ride down the mountain. We dropped 3000 feet in 40 minutes and got past the snow and into the rain. We headed for our destination in Green Valley Arizona, got caught in blinding fog, and ended up at an RV park in Black Canyon Arizona. The owners were mortified that we just had a van and not a big RV, but took pity on us. The next morning we hiked through black Canyon and then off to Green Valley, where I now sit. We passed through so many different environments in two days. One day we were in snow and the next day we woke up to palm trees and cactus.

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Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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1 Response to DECEMBER 18 2010

  1. Phil Plumbo says:

    You’re living it and I’m loving it. I’m happy to have discovered your blog and will definitely check in on you from time to time. If you ever get out to California, you might like to visit Lassen National Park, a volcanic area with lots of geothermal activity and moonscape terrain. Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is also a must see, IMHO.

    I’m definitely going to go to the Petrified Forest, hopefully in a van outfitted as nicely as yours is.

    Need it say it? Keep on truckin….

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