DECEMBER 5, 2010

I am a geek! No not a geek, a nerd. I always get this mixed up. I think a geek is good with computers- I am not that ,so I must be a nerd. Is a nerd studious? O.K. I am an Art Nerd. A very specific kind of nerd. I love history, I am amazed by all the layers of time that can exist on one square foot of earth, but I am not a student of what happened at any given time. For instance I do not care that general so and so stood on the exact spot I am standing on right now. I am more into the mysticism. Think of all the souls with all the stories that have existed here, anywhere really. I am standing on earth that was trampled by cowboys,ancient indians, paleolithic man, dinosaurs and at one time an ocean covered this desert. All the remnants are right here, like treasure , and we are trampling over it all the time, caught up in our own crap, that will be as insignificant as all theirs was. I don’t know how I just got to that sentence. What I meant to say is that I am an Art Nerd. A combination of Archeologist /Artist, ¬†Artiologist ? Part of me is wondering what hands touched this tool or that cart, and the other part just looks at the shape,color and form of this tool or that cart. I am constantly taking pictures. I guess I haven’t really shared that many in this blog, so I am turning over a new leaf. What I see, you will see. I am still in Santa Fe, and I want to share the things I have been looking at.

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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3 Responses to DECEMBER 5, 2010

  1. Maureen Brodoff says:

    Love the photos. You art nerd!

  2. Bob Elliott says:

    Hi Beth,
    Just stumbled across your site yesterday.
    I’ll be following your blog and am looking forward to seeing you at the Florida Woodturning Symposium next year. Enjoy your time in the southwest!

  3. Woodork says:

    Well when I was I whippersnapper
    back in aught six
    a geek was a fella
    at the carnival or
    sometimes the state fair
    who did things that you just didn’t do
    in polite company. These days I’m told
    they do that sort of thing at
    Heavy Metal Rock N Roll concerts …

    One of the most famous geeks I’m aware of
    was a guy named Melvin Burkhart

    Now a nerd, that’s a little candy, ain’t it?

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