NOVEMBER 27, 2010

Thanksgiving was fun. We went to Glorieta, New Mexico to the ranch of Calico Hickey.  She lives in the mountains around Santa Fe.  The conversations were lively and the food was wonderful.  Calico has two horses ,two dogs and a cat. Her cat Raven reminded me of my Cat Shirley who I have been missing. The area around her house looks like the Ponerosa from Bonanza fame.

Yesterday Jenn drove me up the high road to to Taos. We went over some mountain ridges and down into Taos. There is a gorge outside of town that looks like some giant took a knife and ripped a big cut through the plains. It was breathtaking. Just past the gorge was an Earth Ship  Community. We took a tour through a completed home and then walked around a structure in the process of being built. This technology is amazing. They  dig a hole in the earth ,take old tires and stack them against the wall of earth, and then fill them with the dug up earth. This goes on until the desired hiegth is achieved. Then they build a front onto the structure out of wood, straw bail or adobe. They add slanted glass along the whole front facing south, Plaster all surfaces, put gardens inside, add water collectors, solar panels, cisterns,filters etc… and wha -la a self contained ,self sustaining environment is born. This community will have 120 houses in it when done. Each house is off the grid. You can build big or small.  I am so intrigued with this idea. I have just driven half way across the country, and what you notice first about this community is that there are no wires anywhere. Just little swellings in the plains with windows. The land is relatively undisturbed and wires and poles are not obstructing your view. In side the air is fresh and sweet and inviting. You plant a garden along the windows and your gray water runs through your garden , keeping your plants lush and filtering on its journey back to the system. It was warm and inviting inside. I will post some pictures of the day.

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1 Response to NOVEMBER 27, 2010

  1. david sackrider says:

    I sure like the idea of no wires in the air. Enjoy hearing about your discoveries and observations. David

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