NOVEMBER 23,2010

Little Tony’s Laundromat is a bit like Laundry World. It just seems so much better because I am in Santa Fe and the people are so friendly. It is really funny to have free time. For a month I have been either driving teaching or preparing to teach. Now I have a month to work on what I want, when I want, and I feel adrift. It is really beautiful here. I am going to take myself on a walk up Canyon Road to look at all the Galleries. Looking at art always juices me up. The buildings are beautiful here. Everything is adobe and nothing is square. The people are much more relaxed. I wonder if it goes back to my theory that living in square rooms that are all made out of materials that are 4′ by 8′ makes one start thinking in a constricted way. The architecture here is organic and earthy. Nothing is uniform. Many cultures are living here peacefully…

I wanted to take a moment to talk about how much I love my IPhone,GPS, and computer.It is funny that part of this project is about getting back to hand making objects because technology is squeezing out woodwork and art in our public schools- and yet……, I could not do this so easily without this technology. I am a stranger in Santa Fe and can easily navigate and find points of interest without help. When there is no Wi-Fi I can at least return e-mails on my IPhone. I can take pictures and video and send them to Jenn to put on the web site, I can tell my tell the story of my travels to complete strangers . This technology could lead to a roving society. Why have a house. Since being on the road I spend hardly any money – Gas , food and sometimes a shower. My space is not big enough to acquire things so there is nothing to buy.I have a fold down art studio and an entire wood shop in back. If I had a job like my sister where you just need a Wi-Fi connection I could travel from coffee shop , to Laundromat to an Iowa rest stop, free to wander at will. I am wondering what will happen to me when I get home, If I am having restlessness after two days.

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