NOVEMBER 18,2010

Some day in the future, two -maybe three years from now, will I look back at these two days in Omaha wistfully thinking of all the good times, the friendly people, the food? Will a smile come to my face as I think about the parking space behind a high school I  am staying in? .No!-NOT GONNA HAPPEN! The best thing about Omaha is the kids I taught today and this minute at Laundry World. Not Laundry Town -not Laundry Village, but Laundry World. I found it on my I-Phone and thought , yes, yes, I want to be in a Laundry World. Laundry world is actually more like Laundry City, a small Laundry City. The woman at the desk offered to add on to her order at Long John Silvers for me. That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me in Omaha. I declined and  asked about the Mexican restaurant across the street. She said between puffs on her Marlboro cigarette, “I don’t think you want to eat there hon- its El Salvadorian”, In my mind I went,” hee haw,” my favorite, just like Taco Loco in Somerville. When my Mountain of Laundry is done at Laundry World I am heading over. Laundry World has WI-FI , a big picnic table with two outlets (what I am always looking for on the road) and two televisions playing competing sit-coms. It is almost clean , and quite homey. I did one of those classy moves where you drive up-pull every piece of bedding out of my van and a big bag of cloths- put it  all in the washer, and then pull off the sweat shirt on your back and throw that in to. I had to – all my cloths were dusty from teaching in Omaha. I left school in search of a truck stop shower. I ended up in Iowa……. Oh Iowa ( There is a smile on my face and wistful thoughts) Iowa was so wonderful. Friendly people , great food, beautiful scenery, and safe rest stops. Any way- The shower was so great. The woman at the desk comped me, (sisterhood). The shower they gave me had tasteful tile and fresh flowers, (no kidding) of course it was in Iowa (Omaha is right on the border with Iowa). I am dreading having to go to a shower in Nebraska tomorrow. I think I will just drive through. I am hoping the food next door will be good, so I at least have one really good thought of Omaha.

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1 Response to NOVEMBER 18,2010

  1. Maureen B says:

    Oh Laundry World! Wish I were there to appreciate it with you. Next time you have Wifi, Time to Facetime. Love, Maureen

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