NOVEMBER 17, 2010

Iowa is really beautiful. The corn has been cut and the lines that remain make the rolling fields look like an ocean. I am calling it the in-land sea. The colors are subtle and almost glowing. The red silos stand out like islands. I hit a field of windmills 10 miles back and they were like silent giants watching over the fields. The slow motion of the blades is mesmerizing. I am awestruck by the cargo on the trucks that pass me. Huge ingots of aluminum , windmill blades, house frames or some monstrous piece of farm equipment just passing by. It kind of reminds me of what Dorothy saw looking out her bedroom window, while she was in the funnel cloud. I am looking at all this out my bedroom window. I think of all the people it took to make these things. Someone designs it, the materials must get hauled to a place where people construct ,only to then be put back on a truck and sent to the ends of the earth. I am on my way to Omaha. I do not know where I will sleep tonight, probably a truck stop. I teach tomorrow and Friday. I am going to wake up at a truck stop ,early so I can get in line for a shower, and then go to  a school and teach some kids about the act of making things. I should just bring them back to the express way and show them all the wonderful things are getting made.

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1 Response to NOVEMBER 17, 2010

  1. Maureen B says:

    Hey Beth, What a trip you are having! Keep the words and pictures coming. And let’s do Facetime soon. Love, mb

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