NOVEMBER 16, 2010

Isn’t Iowa awesome? They have free internet at their rest stops. Here I lie (recline really) in my little van in the parking lot of a rest stop in Iowa, on my way to Omaha. The trucks are all lined up across from me their motors running. It is wonderful to be part of this nomadic community. A group that once made me nervous for the reputation I placed on them as cowboys, now comfort me. Where they are gathered in numbers is safety. It is kind of a crazy idea that I am carrying my bedroom around with me, and waking up in different places. When I drive at night I wake up and look out to see where I really am. In the dark I cannot see the topography. This morning I woke up in Rob and Suzanne’s driveway in Kalamazoo. I really liked Kalamazoo. The architecture was so interesting, and the people were so eccentric in a fun way, I felt right at home. I had this thought that maybe architecture reflects the historic personality of a place and its people -somehow perpetuating it. Kalamazoo architecture was so quirky- odd shaped windows, roof lines, columns, doors etc… I have never seen anything like it. So I wonder if being around all those interesting shapes effects the personalities of the people who live there. Of course there were an inordinate amount of breweries – that could also account for the interesting thinking going on.

Quirky house details


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