NOVEMBER 14, 2010

My life is moving in hyper speed. So many things have happened since I last posted. I showered in the truck stop and it was awesome. I paid 10.00 dollars and there were 5 showers. You are given a number and a key code. When your shower has been cleaned and readied by an attendant you are called on the loud speaker. “number 19 your shower is ready in room 1”. I went to room 1 and it was great. A really big bathroom with tiled shower and floor, there was a toilet, towels , soaps and shampoo were neatly laid out. It was great. I was thinking how I usually spend about 100.00 bucks to stay in a hotel room, for a bed that makes me nervous, and a shower. Now I have my own bedroom and all my stuff on wheels and all i have to do is pay for a shower. I am totally rethinking the rest of my life. I went to Oxford Ohio to speak, and do a two day of turning workshop at Miami University. It was really  great. I parked in the driveway of Professor Rod Northcutt and his partner Christina Miller. They were wonderful. I had stimulating conversation and some wonderful meals.  The students and faculty at Miami U were very gracious. It felt like being back at Mass Art. I gave a slide presentation that was well received and am still thinking about the questions students asked. I left on Friday night and drove to Kalamazoo Michigan. I am staying with Rob Chamberlin and his wife Suzanne. Rob was my assistant at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in October. I ran him ragged but he was a great sport about it. He is working on an amazing curved bar top at Bell’s Brewery and is allowing me to help him. Now everything is turned around, and I am the assistant. Rob is a total woodworking genus. I glimpsed it in Maine and now I see the fact of it in front of me. Single -handedly he built a 30 foot oak, semi circular, curved bar top. What a beautiful piece of architecture. I got to assist him in building the back bar, a simple task compared to the curve. Rob is me 14 years ago. I keep telling him to cut through the crap and go to school for sculpture now, do not wait the extra 14 years that I did. But like me he is stubborn and will be going in about 12 more years. This experience has been really fun for me. I have not worked on a big architectural project since before grad school. It has also been fun to problem solve and move my body around. I will be working with him for two more days.

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