NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Truck Stop


I am at a truck stop in Erie Pennsylvania. Should I pay for a shower or shouldn’t I? Last night I gave a demo to a Guild in Pembroke NY. Everyone was great. I got on the thruway and felt like driving. I made it until mid-night, when I saw a visitor center. There were a ton of trucks parked, motors on (they leave the motors on while they sleep, I am learning the signs). I went in and asked the attendant if I could park and sleep and she encouraged it.  I pulled all my curtains, ate a small meal from the cooler, read a little, called Jenn with my daily report for the web site, changed into PJs, Brushed teeth, slipped into my bed, surfed the internet on I phone, fell asleep at 1:00am and slept like a baby. It was free; I could conceivably live rent-free. I do not even need to go to a campground unless I want to hike and swim. It was 34 degrees last night so there was no chance of recreation. So here I am at 8:00 in the morning drinking coffee at a truck plaza wondering if I should take a shower. My mind tells me , “hey sister ,get off your high horse, your living in a van, it would be no different than a campground. You have to put your name in and wait to get called. It occurs to me these truckers are the modern nomads. They have it all worked out (the living in a small space part anyway). It is an interesting little society. They haphazordly meet up at truck stops and visit, telling of their different routes, good eating places, etc. I must infiltrate some how! I will be on the road for 7 months and they have the information I need. I will take the shower!

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1 Response to NOVEMBER 10, 2010

  1. Festy Roach says:

    How about some pictures of the places you stay at?

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