NOVEMBER 5, 2010

Because I am a time traveler, I am going to travel back a month and finish my thread of thought about grad school. After I finished the pieces inspired by the jail photo, I went on to my cart series. I knew I would be taking on Turning Around America, and my mind in some ways was already processing movement and travel. I started with a piece I call Trailer-Trailer. This piece was influenced by the research I have done about Gypsy Caravans. I love the circus wagon quality of these colorful wagons. I decided to do a piece that was about weaving and plaiting, the techniques I was learning in Janet Kawada’s flexible structure class. My good friend Gretchen who s studio was across the aisle from mine had a bunch of movie trailers left from a film student who graduated the year before. She generously shared them with me and I was off. Sharon Lee helped me lay out all the pieces and I just started weaving. I had already built the base of the wagon, although it changed many times before my final version. I had a vision that it would be so great to be inside a structure made of transparent film, kind of like a stained glass window. My inspiration was thinking about all the times in childhood I had built a fort  by putting a blanket over a card table and sat in it while I watched television. It was the piece that set the theme of my thesis work. Thanks to Jenn Moller as always for her fabulous photography

Inside Trailer-Trailer looking out

Beth in Trailer-Trailer

Finished Trailer-Trailer

Trailer -Trailer in processs

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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