October 28th




I had intended to leave on Monday morning and not come back for until next August. Fate has intervened and I am back. I broke a tooth. My wonderful dentist could see me today, so I am back and will officially leave on Saturday morning. It is actually a good delay. I drove away on Monday morning all moon eyed for my little city of Boston- “oh- look how the light shines on the Charles River, why didn’t I come stand here when I could?”  I was with wonderful friends on Sunday just drinking them in, “I have been so involved with this project that I have not been in the present, why didn’t I spend more time with them when I could?” These kinds of thoughts were racing in my head. The road lay ahead of me, long and mysteriously unknown. I went up to Enfield New Hampshire and stayed over at the house of Ed and Nancy Scouvner, before teaching at Mascoma High all day Tuesday. They were wonderful hosts and sent me off Tuesday morning with my cooler full. I taught at Mascoma High until 3:30 (it was a blur of motion all day) and then left for Hanover to meet up with my new friend Rob Chamberlin and his wife. We spent a while driving around Vermont trying to find a campground (Non are open after October 15) and ended up just getting motel rooms. I got up early on Wednesday and drove across Vermont to Middlebury high school. Middlebury is unique in that they have 80-minute classes. This allowed Tony Vagianos (the shop teacher) and I to really make some progress. I got to go much more deeply into subjects and it showed in the student work. Schools should really follow this model. The students were much more relaxed and able to concentrate on the work. I left Middlebury and came right home to Boston, or should I say my second home in Boston. I have been staying in the home of my long time friends Martha and Leah. They are amazing people who are always welcoming and nurturing. That is exactly what I need at this moment. This reprieve is allowing me to take a breath.

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