October 9, 2010

I thought it was all going quickly two weeks ago , now it is like a freight train hurtling down the tracks at full speed. On the 28th of September I went to Sanborn High School in Kingston New Hampshire and had a wonderful day with students making bandsaw boxes  and doing a little turning demo. On October 5th I went up to New Market, New Hampshire to the Junior /Senior High and worked with the kids in Venera Gattonini’s classes. She had a range of students from 6th grade to seniors. We turned some tool handles, made some boxes and made some whistles. After leaving new market I went to Kim Bernard’s house in Berwick Maine. Kim is a wonderful artist I met while attending grad school at Mass Art. It was in Kim and her husband Chris’s driveway that I spent my first night in the van. It was warm, comfy and cozy. I slept like like a log. I don’t know if it was the van or if the kids at New Market just wore me out, but I slept like  the dead. I came home to more work on the van and preparation for my adventure. The list seems to get longer every day. Yesterday I went to Merrimack High School and worked for the day with Phil Carle’s classes. Phil has the luxury of having 12 lathes in his class room. We got to do some turning and then with the beginning classes we made whistles. These three days out at the school have made me realize what a big job public school teaching is. You arrive early in the morning prepare the class room (as much as you can) and then one group after the other comes in the room depending on you to help them accomplish each task safely with sharp tools every where. I had days to prepare for one day. They have to be prepared for 4 to 6 classes a day, everyday. They spend their evenings preparing and ordering materials for days to come. What a monumental job. The accomplishments are amazing. I got to see pictures of the object that are made in these schools and it is truly inspiring. The last two weeks experiences have have ridded my mind of any doubt I might have had about my trip. It is really exciting to go to these schools.

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