There is so much going on that I have not had time to even sit down to get back to my thread of thought. I am going to finish the narration of my trajectory now so I can get to the good stuff.

During the period my mind was filled with the possibilities of the bandsaw boxes, I had a job making a cabinet for a new Condo. When I went to install the cabinet the condo was swarming with trades people. The kitchen was finished , it had a brand new linoleum floor. While I was there the fridge was getting delivered, as the guys pulled it across the floor they snagged the linoleum causing a tear in the center- very visible section of the kitchen. After thinking ,( thank god it wasn’t me), I became curious as to how this situation would be reconciled. The floor company was called and they sent out a repair person who took a piece of linoleum from the same batch as the injured piece, and laid it on the floor until it perfectly matched the pattern underneath. He cut a beveled shape through the two layers and then simply removed the bottom shape and dropped the top layer to the floor. He had some chemical that after glueing, melted the surface together so you could not even tell there had been a problem. That whole process swam around my brain all day. Why couldn’t I do that with wood? I went back to my shop that night and and carpet taped two contrasting layers together and then cut them on the bandsaw. I ended up with two pieces that were the opposite of each other-Dark background ,light foreground- and light background with dark foreground. After a lot of tries I came up with these. They combine all the techniques I had already developed- Epoxy-bandsaw box-woodturning.

Bandsaw Platter

Bandsaw Platter

Bandsaw Platter

Bandsaw Platter

Sculptural Drawing

Sculptural Drawing

As time passed I started doing combinations of all these techniques intermixed. I stopped thinking about function and really started thinking of the act of drawing. Many things were influencing these thoughts. We do not live in a vacuum. Our brains are computers, information comes in, blends, and goes out in all the possible combinations that can be computed. The key is being mindful of what you put in to your head. Some of my woodturning students only look at books of woodturning when they are looking for ideas. If you only put traditional turned shapes into your brain the combinations can be very limited when they mix and come out. Mindfulness as I mean it, is to open yourself up to  everything from the mundane to the extraordinary. Look at man hole covers, street lamps, salt shakers, the cosmos……. Contemplate it all as possible inspiration, and the combinations become interesting.  Everyone always asks me , “where did you get that idea?” I do not think of myself as some great artist. I think of myself as an observer. When I see the floor guy fix the linoleum, my mind starts putting that act together with all the other information in my head- in that case about woodworking. If I had not been experimenting everyday with these bandsaw techniques I would not have put it together in the way I did. So , I was thinking about drawing. Why? Because by day I was working on a big staircase project that required me to to laminate and carve a convoluted cap and rail that went up four flights. I had been coming home every night making the bandsaw pieces more graphic and linear.  when the rail project was done, Jenn Moller out dear web mistress/artist/teacher and Photographer, photographed the project. She took straight architectural shots and then one wonderful art shot. The art shot blew my mind because in it I saw ,  the line drawing that I had been obsessing about for weeks.

Jenn's Art shot of my handrail

Jenn's Photo of the Kennedy Job

I went back to my studio and continued on with work that became more about drawing , graphics, and color than woodworking.

French Kiss

Bad Times In Jelly Stone Park

Bandsaw Box

Wood Drawing

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  1. Maureen Brodoff says:

    You’re a freaking genius.

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