August 30th 2010

I have been like a general in the ready room. The map is on the wall and pins are going in to all the demo and teaching dates. Jenn will upgrade for everyone to see in a couple of weeks. I will continue from my last post.

I have always felt that motion leads to ideas. Even if I just go down to my shop and clean, I find some project that might have been cast off years ago and now I see the possibility. I love the idea that each day is like going to the casino, this might be the day where a jack pot idea happens, and yet the day started as any other. I find that exciting.

Around 2002 I got a new bandsaw and started playing with it every day. This might mean just picking up a scrap and cutting a sculptural form, or taking an old bowl and cutting away sections. I found an article about bandsaw boxes and became enthralled. I started making lots of boxes exploring all the possible shapes and use of my scraps. It started with plain boxes and then went to boxes with contrasting pieces glued to the top with turned lids like these.

Bandsaw Box with turned ebony handle

Bandsaw Box with turned top

Bandsaw Box with turned lid

Bandsaw Box with turned lid

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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