July 14th 2010

Launch Day

Last week I made the maiden voyage of my home made tear drop trailer, and today we launch Turning Around America. This blog will be about the preparation and execution of a project that has been planned for 2 years. I will renovate a Van with a workshop/live space and travel around America teaching as many people as I can how to make simple objects. Having been a professional woodturner/ woodworker for over twenty five years I will use this as the medium for the object making. I believe that our countries focus on technology has eliminated handcrafts from school curriculum’s. I love technology but feel we need to embrace technology and hand craft to be more empowered individuals. For more information about this project go to http://www.turningaroundamerica.com where I am raising money for this project.

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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3 Responses to July 14th 2010

  1. janeroc says:

    Brava Beth!

    What a wonderful journey you have ahead of you. Will your wandering around w/your woodworking bring you to wonderful Wethersfield Connecticut? I love your web cite and am in complete awe of your talent.

    Look forward to your future posts!

    jane moller
    wethersfield, ct

  2. Jerry Rhoads says:

    Hey Beth

    Have fun. I have often thought that would be a great way to see these great United States.
    Demonstrating at camp grounds and so on.
    I will try to keep on eye on this. Maybe when Diane (my wife) retires, we could try this.
    I live near Champaign Illinois. Belong to Flatland Woodturners, Central Illinois Woodturners, & of course the AAW.


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